Take me to the BACKROOM

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And grope me. If you're hot. I kid, please don't. Anyways. Backroom is a super raaaddd online store based in Hong Kong. They approached me to do a collab and OF COURSE I said yes considering the amazing selection of clothes on their site. I ended up choosing the Denim Lovinʼ Dress in Black from the Bkrm White Label and the Lazy Oaf Rodeo Rose Shorties. Heelllllooo new favorite items in my closet! Meeooww. I was thinking of how to style the shorts but they literally go with everything so I just threw on their cute plain “Backroom” t-shirt. Perfect.

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Outfit details: Errthang from @backroom except for the belt. And wristwatch from @danielwellington (use code hieucow for 15% off until end of Sept. on watches ^.^) Photographer: @khoasom3

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