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Allen is a fucking genius. Lol. So I’ve been following him since my early days on instagram and his photos makes me feel some type of way. It’s different, a lot of photographers say that they want to tell a story through their photos but often times I can’t see past the pretty girl in the frame. Well, I finally met Allen. I was shooting my princess Emily earlier in the day so we all hung out and shot together. He took time to compose every photo and directed every body placement down to a t. I was like a puppet and I loved it cause I didn’t have to do any work bahahaha. Seriously though, mucho kudos, I was super impressed and still am. Unfortunately he was testing out the new flash for his film camera so colors and lighting came out a little weird, but dark and creepy, just how I like it.

photo ap18_zps4d98265d.jpeg
photo ap14_zps29e6c107.jpeg
photo ap19_zpsc1963e42.jpeg
photo ap23_zps3acd7fbe.jpeg
photo ap11_zpsa7333542.jpeg
photo ap24_zpsfccf5864.jpeg

He happened to have fake blood in his car. We did this on the sidewalk and this mother and her two kids walked by and the kid was like, “What are they doing mommy?” And she was like “That’s art.” Teehehehehe, made me smile.

photo ap1_zps8345f8df.jpeg
photo ap5_zps59aad62b.jpeg

Legs legs legs!

photo ap10_zps658e6438.jpeg

Ooga booga

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