Phillip and Riana are cute coffee people.

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Aaahh. Phillip. Phillip is awesome. We shot together around two months ago. He's the first person I've ever hit up first to work with me. I was SOOOO not disappointed. Riana came along to assist. I met her a long while ago at a party and thought she was a majestically cute being, amazing style. SO I WAS BLINDED BY JEALOUSLY AND RAGE. Hahahaha no, I just really wanted to be her friend ^u^ They are both huge coffee enthusiasts and the sweestest people ever! Such a delight to work with, flow flow flow. The way we got the photos with the white background and sunrays was so ghetto but good magicians never tell lol. We had fun, happy hearts. Hearts hearts hearts. Come save meehh I'm a damsel in distress.

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Nawh, I'm keeewwl.

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But come anyways cuz u is cute.

photo _MG_36865_zpsa3088165.jpg

Watch meh smile with my dazzling pearly whites and blind you.

photo _MG_36875_zpsa003fe19.jpg

After you're done being blinded by mah beauty watch me touch my hair like I just dun care.

photo _MG_38582_zps382fdfb3.jpg

And Imma play with my hair some more cus I look cute when I do dat.

photo _MG_38552_zps8456e343.jpg

And now behold my sexy armpit.

photo _MG_38642_zps8c5c8e0e.jpg

Okay now both armpits.

photo _MG_38772_zps60c2a9c5.jpg

Now my arms are tired.

photo _MG_37562C_zpsb16089d0.jpg

Being cute is hard. I gotta sit down.

photo _MG_37392c_zps8000804e.jpg

NO!!! Gotta get up and stay cute on this ledge here. I DON'T NEED NO DAMN BEAUTYREST I'M NOT A MATTRESS DAMMIT!!!!!

photo _MG_37422_zps6e89578f.jpg

Wait wait, now let's fix the goddess-like threads.

photo _MG_37092C_zpsb01c9b77.jpg
photo _MG_37202C_zpsd9c4527d.jpg

Okay now I'm good. Gotta stare off into nothing so I can look like I'm all cooool and deep. Nahmean? Chillin like a villian is thrillin. Yo.

Peace outz.

Photographer @potatoislike. Assistant @rivnv.

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