Karma Camper Vans


During the planning of my trip to Banff, Canada with my friend Phiton, we had the same notion in mind. We wanted to explore the beautiful wilderness of Alberta and have an epic adventure without the constrictions of having to get to any places at any specific times. We wanted to be fluid with whatever came our way which meant that a camper van was the perfect solution.


I couldn't have asked for a more perfect vehicle than the one we ended up choosing. Karma Campervans literally makes the perfect little tiny home on wheels and totally exceeded all of my expectations! 


Design - Aesthetic AF lol. This was definitely more of a glamping experience. The exterior was simple and sleek, dark gray with the Karma Campervans logo. Interior had clean white cabinets mixed with wood furnishings, simple animal paintings on the wall for decor, and themed minimalistic bedding with a deer in sunglasses. Imagine walking into an Ikea kitchen and bedroom, but in a van.  


Size - It was smaller than an RV which made it super easy to drive and maneuver around. Space inside was limited but it felt perfect and quite roomy for two. We did however kept the van tidy at all times. Because if you think about it, all spaces, no matter how big, starts closing in the more messy and cluttered it becomes. There was plenty of space underneath the queen sized bed for storage and I never once felt cramped because nature was our backyard.


Features - Queen sized bed, dining table, 2 lawn chairs, electricity outlets, usb outlets, light switches, cooler, full kitchenware, gas cooking stove, water pump sink, electric fans on the celing, optional add-ons of refrigerator and porta-potty, etc. Everything we needed was found inside.


I think it's pretty rare to come across really well-made high quality products. So I really appreciated this van because you can tell that everything was very well thought out and designed to be as user friendly as possible. We had so many onlookers and people who came to get a closer look and inquire about the van. It was really cool seeing a product advertise itself.


Anyway I was really blown away by Karma Campervans so I highly highly recommend them and going to Banff if you guys are ever looking for a not so typical vacation. We were able to find so many cool spots to stop and chill wherever and whenever! I became kind of obsessed with the van-life movement and was googling non-stop when I got back from this trip. If you guys want to try this out for yourself, I got a promo code for you! Use "hieucow20" for 20% off the daily rate for your first booking :) Valid until August 31st. 


I think I could do van life for a year or so, could you? :)