I remember the days of my youth browsing through my local drugstore and having my eyes land on the distinctive design of the Skullcandy logo. I would have never thought that I would end up with an opportunity to work with Skullcandy. They're running a #THATSBADASS campaign to highlight badass women today. Instead of looking for gnarly chicks with tattoos and motorcycles, they're focusing on a new type of badass. A woman who follows her passions, overcomes obstacles, and makes an impact in her industry. That's definitely in line with my definition of the word. Nothing inspires me more than seeing badass females kill it in their scene. I was of course, completely excited and very honored to be a part of this.

Here is an excerpt from my interview with Skullcandy:

"If you had to give words of encouragement to other young women out there what would that be?

 - Growing up, you’re going to hit a lot of kinks, it’s going to be bumpy and awkward. But it’s very important to win against yourself. You are your own worst enemy. All the little things that you wanted to do that you talk yourself out of, and convince yourself that it’s okay because you didn’t really want it anyway, do those. Things as simple as letting something that might sound stupid slip from the tip of your tongue, do them. You will crash and burn many times, but your embarrassment will fade and the the scars will heal and you’ll grow thicker skin in place of it. Little habits form bigger ones. Constantly do things that makes you feel uncomfortable, it’s very healthy for the mind. "

Find the full interview here

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