Iheartraves "An Alice Story" Video

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jCOhICjT7yY&w=560&h=315]

Produced by @iheartraves & shot by @farcrystudioz

Yay! My first video project ^u^ If you guys know me personally, you'll probably know that I've always wanted to be an actress since forever. But I haven't really ever picked up enough motivation to start and really chase that dream. Procrastination breeds more procrastination and turns into an ongoing cycle of barely even trying. Add along a mix of insecurities, fear of failure, parental pressure, living situation, and daytime work and well, I've created a routine of going through the motions, enjoying daily pleasures instead of working towards the desired end goal. Can anybody relate here? :p

But I do have a deep belief in how people are the creators of their world and everything is an excuse if you're not actively working towards your dream. Anything is doable, it may be harder for some versus others, but anything is still doable.

Whenever I come across an older person, I always ask them for life advice that they would tell their youthful past selves. Their words always gears towards; chase your dreams and do it now and don't waste time doing things that makes you unhappy. Since their collective thoughts points toward the same route, I'm sure they all have a point. I encourage you guys to chase your dreams too ^u^ no matter how how crazy it seems. Also, look into "the law of attraction", it's about positive thoughts and manifesting things you'd want to happen in your life. It's crazy how much I see it apply once I've started paying attention.

Anyways, I'm super excited about this video because it's the first film project I've ever done! Baby steps if you're still preparing for the jump.

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