Warwick Avenue

This shoot is reminiscent of a song I really like, Warwick Avenue by Duffy. We started out on this restricted roof when I suddenly noticed the crunching sound underneath my feet and realized there wasn't solid footing below. You see, there's a reason for everything. That's why they don't let you go on the roof.

Khoa made me break into this car so we can take the pictures, reason being how else are we going to be able to get this backdrop again? Made me anxious as hell, but hey, one of my favorite shoots. Nothing bad happened.

My mind kind of runs towards the worst case scenario a lot of the time and his mind runs straight to the task. I think I've read about this being a fundamental difference in men and women.

Sometimes I call Khoa an old man because he would tell me hippie-minded things that I wouldn't understand until an experience pushes me to feel it and I would be like, yeah you were right. Then he would be like I told you so, didn't I say that before?

Then life goes on again and it's a new roll of film.

Photographs: Khoa Ngo (@khoasome)

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