Sailor Jupiter

I met my good friend Charles a while back at a super ratchet party. I spewed lies about myself because I thought he was a creeper. My girlfriend and I needed a ride that night so we got in the car with him and two other strangers. Mind you I was a little nervous about this situation but I am a cheap Asian and I did not want to pay for uber so I took my chances. Disclaimer: Do not try this at home. Anyways Charles got to know my real name and all that jazz and then he asked me to take pictures with his friend Paul as Sailor Moon. So like FUCK YEAH. Because I've always wanted to cosplay.

Paul is awesome, fun to work with, and easy to be around. I had a fun day. We went to the rooftop and then to the hills so they can murder me but they changed their minds. The film had a mind of its own and went a little kooky so the color is a lil weird. But hey, I'm still cute as fuck. LOL. Sorry for not being sorry for being so conceited.

Photographs: Paul Carrillo (@pablotastebudz),

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