2014 Reflection

A hell of a lot has happened in 2014, I finally moved to LA like I've been wanting to but it's entirely different than I've imagined. I went another route than I've planned and I've became someone very different from my old self. Not better or worse, just different. Not necessarily in the way I act either, but mainly how I think. Exposure can wreck havoc on the mind. But I wouldn't have it any other way. Well, I doubt the preceding statement I just made because actually, maybe I can settle for ignorance being bliss. I don't know. Do you ever sit back to reflect on your life and realize that it's really not much different than everyone's else because we're all going through the human experience through stages that are usually loosely set around our age?

I had this mini epiphany when I was chatting with two good friends about old times when we would all get together to drink on the weekends, we'd hang out doing nothing but killing time, and we went on that camping trip together with the boys. Skimp the details, but these are just very classic things, it almost felt like that period of my life was a movie.

We start out clueless, we learn new things, we form relationships, we break relationships, we get hurt, and we do so many different things but they're quite similar. We try to find out what to do for the rest of our lives, we chase it or we ignore it. If you break it down, everything is really simple.

Sometimes I really wonder if I make sense because I know what I'm getting at perfectly in my head but I don't if it translates well into words.

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