Girlisgun x Hiking With Fwends :3

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So I went hiking to this waterfall with two of my best friends. I gave a brief thought to why I’m so close to them, too many reasons, but a main one is that we’ve all seen each other through our rise and falls in our younger years when we were a little more weak and there were a lot of changes going on with our lives while our minds were rapidly developing. Run on sentence. Anyways, back to clothes, I wanted to take everything on top off so my back would be bare but good thing I didn’t because five minutes later a bunch of littto children came. Good judgement Hieu. These adorable shorts are from Girl Is Gun. I’ve worn them around five times since I’ve got them not too long ago. Which is ridiculous because I’m a huge hoarder and my wardrobe is always crying “wear me”. No clothes!! I wear what I want. I eat what I want. I shit when I want. Whooommmppp. I also got some adorable heart shaped glasses from Girl Is Gun. They have adorableeee stuff. Reminds me of summer, daisies, ice cream, and sun-hats for some reason. Check them out at and then check me out some more tooo. Lawwlzz xD

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^ Imma murder yo pets.

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